Business Cards
Member's may OPTIONALLY purchase KineticGold Business Cards.
Each card will be printed with the Name and Address of the member, plus their KineticGold referral link.
The card will be a full color professional card, that will invite potential customers to visit KineticGold's web site using the member's Referral Link.
When the Referral link is used, the referring member will be recorded in all transactions and future transactions performed by the referred member.
Your business card will be extremely helpful in helping you build your organization. By simply handing out your card to interested individuals, when they log in using the Referral Link on the card, you will automatically be given the sponsorship credit for the new registration and/or member. This allows you to individually sponsor many individuals creating a very wide organization. Once the new member follows your example by handing out their cards, you will find your organization will also grow deep quickly, resulting in a very large downline organization, which can lead to significant Profit Sharing.
Business Cards may be purchased for $25.00 for 500 business cards, including shipping.
Cost for this may be paid for through accrued Profit Sharing.
If you wish to have your own business cards printed locally using the KineticGold graphics, you may download the base image here. Note you will need to add your referral number, name, phone, email, etc.

Suggestion, a lowcost solution is the use the images with or They have packages that start from $10.00 including shipping.