Comparison of KineticGold Profit Sharing with standard Multi-Level Marketing
Unlike Multi-Level programs, there are no on-going costs to participate, no required purchases, no products to market or inventory, no required sales, no collection of money, and no hassles. The more you use KineticGold by making deposits for your normal spending needs, the greater your rewards (10%).
With KineticGold, there are no reasons to quit the program, so 'churn' is effectively eliminated, allowing member organizations to grow at their maximum potential and leading to the maximum potential income.
Can you imagine what can happen to an organization over time, that is continually growing? KineticGold has effectively harnessed the potential of exponential growth.
People will get involved because they are interested in the receiving the 10% rewards for deposits. Beyond that, there is KineticGold Profit Sharing program is an additional benefit.
Over time a given member's organization can grow very wide, with the same potential being available to each member of the organization.
Success isn't limited to just the few at the 'top' of the organization, as each person is always qualified to receive all their Rewards. Each individual controls how deep KineticGolds profit sharing pays by simply sponsoring people. People aren't skipped over to enrich the elite.
KineticGold is a real opportunity for everyone because the Rewards program is for everyone that can use a bank account. The opportunity to make a supplemental income by sharing a banking system that works for you is especially interesting, as it is not limited to where you live, or even who you know. There is finally a system where the average 'Joe' can make some extra money initially, from day one, and over time build a real income.
KineticGold represents a way to achieve a greater degree of financial independence. For many, the ability to earn a extra few hundred dollars a month, can make all the difference. If this describes your situation then KineticGold is for you. If you have the dream of financial independence, that also can be addressed. It won't be overnight, but nothing worth while ever is.