KineticGold Debit Cards
All Members will receive a KineticGold Debit Card to access their offshore account.
This card will have the Visa or Mastercharge Logo on it.
This card is good at any location which accepts credit and/or debit cards including ATM's.
This card will be issued as soon as the Off-Shore bank is on line.
KineticGold Profit-Sharing and Mining Bonuses are deposited directly in your Off-Shore account / cryptocurrency and can immediately be access through your Debit Card.
The card balance is in ounces of Gold on deposit with Kinetic Gold and the value in fiat currency will vary as to the spot price of gold.
The debit cards are only good for the current amount within your crypto-currency account / Off-shore account.
The Debit cards will be a standard issue Debit Card issued by our bank. It will have KineticGolds branding on it.