KineticGold Ewallet
KineticGold's ewallet is designed to make it easier to view and use your KineticGold cryptocurrency.
Our ewallet is designed to access the records of KineticGold using the starchain blockchain.
With it you can see your current balance in coins, value of the coins in any fiat currency, and can transfer balances to any other member of KineticGold.
Transfers to another account take less than 1 second to complete, anywhere in the world.
There is only a charge of 1/2 of 1% for any transaction. There are no minimum or maximum transaction size.
Using the starchain blockchain and the dual factor authentication required, your ewallet is secure.
If your ewallet is lost or stolen, your account can be restored as the underlying data is also recorded at Kinetic Golds off-shore banking facility. Through there the lost or stolen ewallet can be deactivated and a new ewallet issued. This insures that you can always get to your funds.