KineticGold is a new cryptocurrency that is designed to be used in your daily life.
KineticGold is first and foremost a banking platform that uses a decentralized block-chain to record transactions and provide access to your account.
Your account will have a debit card with a Visa/Mastercard brand that is issued from an off-shore bank which can be used at any authorized merchant in the world with no transaction limits.
One of the significant features of KineticGold is every coin is backed up by physical tangible gold that is on deposit. One Coin is equivalent to 1 oz of Gold. KineticGold's coin is actually a warehouse receipt that shows ownership of that gold.
All gold is Hallmarked by some of the finest refineries and the world
The gold will be stored in the vaults of Dubai and other locations throughout the world.
Every coin will be insured by Lloyds of London that it represents one ounce of Gold on deposit. They will inspect and certify that the appropriate amount of Gold is on deposit. They will also insure your individual account for the full value of the Gold in your account, no $250,000 USD limit.
No KineticGold coins can ever be sold/issued without the gold being in storage first. This is controlled through the block chain.
Kinetic Gold has offered a unique system of Rewards and Profit Sharing to members of the Gold Diggers Association that will enable even the newest and smallest user to be able to generate immediate profit. These rewards and profit sharing are also controlled by the block chain.
No longer is the value of your cryptocurrency establishing on a whim but is based upon a recognized and tangible value - Gold.
Every member of the Gold Diggers Association is given the potential to mine Gold and have it added to their accounts where it can be spent anywhere in the world.
Never before have these benefits been offered to a novice user. The opportunity to make real money.
I remember when I had the opportunity to purchase bitcoin when it was below 25 cents. When I think that I turned it down because it was unknown and I didn't want to take the risk, I feel a bit foolish now. Kinetic Gold was designed to eliminate even that risk.
Just use your account like a standard bank account and reap the benefits.
Now lets see what you don't have to do.
  • No direct selling of products - all sales are done through the site.
  • No minimum personal sales requirements.
  • No collection of money
  • No required marketing meetings
  • No minimum number in your organization to 'qualify'
  • No purchasing of product you don't want or need
  • No stocking of inventory
  • No confusing Marketing plan
  • No Waiting for the check that is in the mail.
  • No hidden Fees
Check out the informational videos and power point presentations on their website and make an informed and realistic decision for you. Don't regret being on the sidelines again.
Kinetic Gold Website