Limitations on Sponsoring
There are no limits to the number of clients you can personally sponsor.
Your personal organization depth is limited to 5 generations.
There are no limitations to the total number of people in your organization.
Since there are no on-going costs required to be a member, there is no reason for anyone in your down-line to quit, so your organization just keeps growing over time.
Over time, your organization's total membership could grow to thousands of members. Now how fast that occurs is determined by:
  • How well you understand the opportunity of KineticGold.
    Read and understand the contents of KineticGold's web-site.
  • How consistent you are in spreading the word.
    Keep your business cards with you.
  • How many business cards and referral links you hand out.
  • Encourage your down-line Members to do the same.
Become creative in how you get the word out, your referral link is key to your success.
Put your referral link in your email, ads, or notices.
Obviously, your organizations size alone will not create any income for you. All Profit Sharing is earned from deposits that are made, so encourage your down-line to know what works to spread the word, and to discover how they can be utilized.
Remember that a great many people are highly motivated to become self-sufficient. As these perilous times further unfold, more and more people will want to become such.