KineticGold's Offshore Bank
KineticGold's Offshore Bank is designed to make it easier to view and use your KineticGold cryptocurrency.
During the ICO phase an off-shore bank will be obtained on the island of Nevis.
This bank will have full on-line banking capabilities for our members accounts.
This bank will also provide debit card access and processing for our members accounts.
Members will have access to funds from anywhere in the world.
Members will be provided with a debit card with a Visa/MasterCard Logo.
Account will be denominated in gold ounces.
Account is fully linked to the cryptocurrency account. Funds in your KineticGold cryptocurrency account are available for all transactions.
KineticGold Coins in the cryptocurrency account can be converted to fiat currency or physical gold, quickly and easily
All transactions are controlled by the blockchain.
Funds can be wired through SWIFT.