One of the major factors that impact nearly every company with a marketing program is member 'churn'. Churn is the description of the process where a member joins the marketing program simply for the sake of the opportunity. In other companies the new members are initially excited to purchase their monthly subscriptions of products, so they can too earn the big bucks. But reality starts to show up pretty early, monthly costs keep accumulating, many times to hundreds of dollars every month for purchases. But the income just doesn't come in like it shows on the charts. Their organization is always too small for the bonus that is always just around the corner. And eventually the vast majority of new recruits simply give up and 'fail'. In most of the marketing organizations, 60-90% of the entire membership quits on an annual basis, only to have to be replaced with a new crop of 'opportunity seekers'.
Churn is the biggest factor in why people rarely succeed with marketing programs. By the time their organization finally is big enough to qualify for that first promotion, their recruits start to churn (quit), and it seems like you never quite get there with older recruits dropping out as fast as you can recruit new ones. Meanwhile the costs keep racking up and few have little or nothing to show for it. In one major organization the average monthly commissions is $13.00. And that is not even half of what the typical monthly product subscription amounts too.
People churn because they are loosing money every month, or they aren't making enough to justify the time it is taking to get their organization to the 'payout' level.
In KineticGold, why would a member quit? There is no cost to remain a member. They have no monthly purchase requirements. They only purchase what they want or need, just like they normally do. Even without an organization, they receive a 10% reward for every deposit. They don't have to spend a lot of time recruiting new members. It reminds me of getting a grocery store discount card. Once I have gotten one, I rarely throw it away, just because, I might need it someday. If a KineticGold member makes a deposit, they are going to have an immediate benefit of a 10% reward. That deposit might take place years after they have obtained their membership.
Can you imagine that member being 4 generations away, and they make that deposit? Even if it had been years ago since they joined, you will still receive profit sharing! Those bonuses are always a nice surprise. So why would you quit? To stop receiving bonuses out of thin air? I don't think so.
The effect is, that your organization keeps growing and growing, and that should represent an ever larger potential income. This type of growth can be exponential in nature.
Normal growth is sporadic. You recruit a number of members and every once in a while, you get a 'hot runner', someone who really digs in. Most Members won't do much besides watch other's succeed. But with KineticGold it doesn't take all that much to be successful, so even the 'lookers' can help your organization grow.
Let's look at a slow growth model. If each member succeeded in recruiting one new member a month, and they teach their new Members to duplicate what they are doing. The Key to this success is getting the downstream people to do at least what you are doing.

Let's see what would happen. Month 1 - just you. Month 2 - you and your 1st recruit. Month 3 - you + 2 recruits. But here is the magic. The 1 recruit from last month, also recruited 1 so you have 1 on the 2nd generation. This is where the exponential growth starts to kick in.

  • Month 1 - 1 total
  • Month 2 - 2 total
  • Month 3 - 4 total
  • Month 4 - 8 total
  • Month 5 - 16 total
  • Month 6 - 32 total
  • Month 7 - 63 total
    (You are limited to 5 generation of referral fees
    some are starting to drop off- beyond 5 generations)
  • Month 8 - 120 total
  • Month 9 - 219 total
  • Month 10 - 382 total
  • Month 11 - 638 total
  • Month 12 - 1024 total
At this point lets say your active downline members were averaging only $200 per month in deposits for their normal purchases with KineticGold. That would be a total of $204,800 in deposits. Overall you receive at least 0.4% of all deposits for every one within 5 generations or $819 per month. Now this doesn't happen so uniformly in reality, but most people if they are interested will recruit not just 1 per month, but higher. Then the numbers could get really crazy. Also as people get used to the banking platform they will increase how many purchases they make through it, and the average deposit could reach $2,000.
Remember, you got to that point by handing out 1 business card a month that turns into an active member. I reality you will have to hand out more than 1 card to get that "one active" member. Even with KineticGold's ease of getting someone to become a member, the vast majority of people out there just won't do anything to get started. But it only takes one a month to make this work.

In all the other marketing platforms, people are dropping out as fast as you can recruit them. In ours they stay as they have nothing to loose, causing amazing growth potential.
I can't tell you what reality will bring for you with KineticGold, but even if it just generated a few hundred dollars per month in extra income, would it be worth it? And it should just keep going and hopefully expanding. Keep the above example expanding for a few more months, then all of a sudden, it starts to become an income that could make a real difference.
What are you willing to put into it to help your organization grow? Maybe two business cards per month? How about more, especially if you can teach those that you recruit that same work ethic. Make it happen, It really is possible.