Privacy Policy
This is an extration of Section 7.0 from the General Policies and Procedures manual.
7.1 Introduction

This Privacy Policy is to ensure that all Customers and Members understand and adhere to KineticGold principles of confidetiality

7.2 Expectation of Privacy
  1. KineticGold recognizes and respects the importance its Customers and Members place on the privacy of their financial and personal information. KineticGold will make reasonable efforts to safeguard the privacy of, and maintain the confidentiality of its Customers’ Member and account information and nonpublic personal information.
  2. By the KineticGold Member Agreement, a Member authorizes KineticGold to disclose his or her name and contact information to upline Members solely for activities related to the furtherance of the KineticGold business. A Member hereby agrees to maintain the confidentiality and security of such information and to use it solely for the purpose of supporting and KineticGold his or her downline organization and conducting the KineticGold business.
  3. KineticGold will not disclose any personal information to outside third parties unless required by law.
7.3 Employee Access to Information
Employee may have access to only that information necessary to do their specific job. For example, a shipping clerk would have shipping information, but not have access to account balances.
7.4 3rd Party Access to Information
There will be no 3rd party access to Member information, contact information, purchases, balances, etc. unless that disclosure request is accompanied with a court order.